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What's Going On Chicago is my take on what is really going on in Chicago sports. What happened, needs to happen, going to happen, etc.
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Jan 7, 2022

Robert Quinn, and the Chicago Bears, defeat the worst team in the NFL, the New York Giants!  Only passing 11 times, Robert Quinn got the one he needed to beat the Chicago Bears Franchise Sack record.  Now the high rolling defense finishes the season off in Minnesota to face the, "in playoff contention", Vikings!  Still unsure if Fields can get off the Covid list in time, the Bears want to avoid a sweep of the Vikings, and finishing their lost season with a win!

Dec 30, 2021

The Bears win in a winter wonderland, and snow filled Seattle with the best 3rd string QB in the NFL.  Nick Foles has a wonderful 4th quarter comeback with a 2 point conversion.  The only question this week is who is to start at QB for the Bears as all three quarterbacks did practice this week?  The Bears will host their last home game of the season against the terrible New York Giants.  Will the momentum from last weeks win help at home? Tune in now!

Dec 24, 2021

The Chicago Bears practice squad defense holds strong against the barley floating ship of the Minnesota Vikings, but the Vikings still come up with the win.  With many players returning from the COVID-19/Injured list, the Bears head to Seattle the day after Christmas to see if they have a Grinch in there hearts to "steal" a win from the struggling Seahawks.

Dec 17, 2021

The Chicago Bears can't play 4 quarters of football and fall to the Green Bay Packers.  Now the Bears host the Vikings on Monday Night Football who also struggle to play 4 quarter football.  

Dec 10, 2021

The Chicago Bears loose in pathetic fashion agains the NFL's best team.  Andy Dalton throws 4 interceptions, but this week Justin Fields is healthy, and hopefully can eliminate turnovers!  Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers have "owned" us for a long time.  Will the tides turn on Sunday Night?

Dec 3, 2021

The Bears kick the game winner with 1 second to go in the game, and win on Thanksgiving!  Only putting up 16 points, the Bears now get to host the red hot Arizona Cardinals, who have the best record in football.  Even though it will be a cold, and wet one for our desert foes, the only team that will be freezing by the end of the game, will be our Chicago Bears!

Nov 24, 2021

A sickening loss at Soldier Field.  The Ravens leading rusher, passer, Lamar Jackson, and leading receiver, Marquise Brown, are out for the game, and the Bears still fall short.  Now with Justin Fields out, Nagy possibly coaching his last time for the Bears, and Andy Dalton starting, can the bears stop the loosing streak?  Even though the Lions have not won a game, they won't be easy for this disappointing Bears team!

Nov 19, 2021

Even after a loss the Bears offense had some momentum, going into the bye week.  Now that the Bears have had their rest they are going to need that momentum to continue, if they have any chance to beat Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.  Meanwhile, coach Nagy knows who to blame for their unsuccessful season!

Nov 14, 2021

Bad calls, poor defense, and last the few minutes with bad play calling, add up to a Bears loss.  Justin Fields improved even more to give Bear fans hope that he is the future, and the real deal.  The players need rest, but I'll keep working for you to predict the rest of the season, and our shot at the playoffs!

Nov 5, 2021

Justin Fields performs better against the 49ers and unfortunately loose at home.  Now the Bears face a tough defense, on Primetime Monday night football, against the Steelers.  With the Steelers offense ranked near the bottom, the defense can get back to their sacking ways, and possible set up Justin Fields to add another win for the Bears!

Oct 29, 2021

A forfeit against the Buccaneers might have been more respectable then the performance the Bears displayed on Sunday in the Sunshine state.  Justin Fields is to blame, but doesn't deserve all, or even most of it.  With head coach Nagy out with COVID-19, can the Bears rebound at home?  The 49ers are struggling, and Bears can take advantage of it.

Oct 22, 2021

As Aaron Rodgers continues to be the Bears Kryptonite, Chicago falls to 3-3 at home against the Packers.  The offense can't score more than 14 points, and now have to take on the Super Bowl champions Tom Brady & Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  How much worse can it get?  They got away with a win in a nail bitter last year, but will the Bears be lucky to have Tom Brady loose track of what down it is a second time?

Oct 14, 2021

Fields and the Chicago Bears play a very tough, and physical game in Las Vegas.  Justin Fields played through some tough hits and injuries to elevate the Bears to 3-2 in Sin City.  With the defense playing at a high level can they stop Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers at home?  As long as the offense sticks to a run, and the defense stays hot, there is always a chance for a "W"!

Oct 8, 2021

Justin Fields gets his first career win at home against the Detroit Lions.  Showing flashed of great throwing ability, Nagy has announced he is now the starting QB in Chicago. So let the Fields era begin.  The Bears head to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders, and their aggressive defense. Can Field get another win?  Anything can happen!

Oct 3, 2021

After 9 sacks the Bears offense allowed in Cleveland, the Bears will look to bounce back against the lonely last place Lions.  Can the offensive line keep Fields up right against a competitive Detroit team?  Will the Coach have an actual game plan for Fields to be successful?  Just click play!

Sep 25, 2021

The Chicago Bears fend off the Bengals and defense decided to show up and be who they were predicted to be.  Can the defense continue to live up to that hype as Justin Fields will take his first start against the Browns?  Can Matt Nagy actually make good play calls and a good game plan for Fields?  Find out now!

Sep 16, 2021

The Chicago Bears embarrass themselves on the national stage opening weekend.  The Chicago Bears were still hibernating on all three phases.  Now the Bears now have to host a confident Cincinnati Bengals! 

Sep 12, 2021

Walk through with me the Bears 2021-2022 prediction for the final outcome and when Justin Fields will most likely step in to the starting role.  The Bears start their season in amazing SoFi stadium and with be hosted by Matthew Stafford and the Rams defense!  The 2021 football season has begun!

Aug 19, 2021

Welcome back to my first episode of 2021!  There is a lot to talk about including some Cubs, Sox and of course the Chicago Bears! 

Cubs are no longer have many players left from their 2016 Championship team!

The Sox are playoff and World Series contenders and have a text book ending in "The Fields of Dream" game!

Justin Fields comes out and performs outstanding in is NFL Preseason Debut!

Oct 15, 2020

The talk of the Chicago Bears win is all about how Tom Brady can't count to 4!  The Bears do pull an upset and Nick Foles and the Bears Defense beat a tough Buccaneers team.  Now with extra rest the Bears will face Teddy Bridgewater and the Carolina Panthers, who are not as tough as the Bucs!

Oct 8, 2020

Nick Foles looked no better than Trubisky, but there are more issues than that!  Coaching is terrible and the players aren't that great on offense.  Now Tom Brady comes back to face Foles who he lost to in the Superbowl, and he will be looking for revenge!!!

Oct 1, 2020

Mitchell Trubisky is out and Nick Foles saves the day!  The Atlanta Falcons, Falcon-ed and loss a 16 point lead in the fourth quarter to Nick Foles and a rejuvenated Bears defense.  Now the new starting quarterback for the Bears have to take on a defense that is #1 and won't give up a 16 point lead.  Can Foles get the Bears to 4-0?

Sep 23, 2020

The Bears survived again!  The offense looked good to start the game, but the second half there was nothing there.  The Defense held the Giants to 13 points, but it didn't look pretty.  The offense has a chance to put a full game of scoring points against a bad defense in Atlanta, but the defense has to put a stop to a high power offense.  

Sep 16, 2020

Mitchell Trubisky has an unbelievable 4th quarter come back after a horrendous 3 quarters.  There are still more problems as the Bears defense still seems to be in hibernation and need to wake up quickly to face an elite runner in Saquon Barkley, and the rest of the New York Giants!

Sep 13, 2020

The Chicago Bears are starting the 2020 season in Detroit!  Trubisky is the starter, there will be no fans, Defense is ready to go, and there will be football once again.

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